Ardex Technology has been providing quality racing related software solutions to Thoroughbred racing organisations for more than 15 years. Today a vast majority of Thoroughbred owners, trainers and breeders in Australia and New Zealand rely on Ardex solutions to deliver racing related data on horses of interest via web based, desktop, e-mail and mobile app information systems.

Racing Office is the Ardex race management solution for horse racing clubs. Ardex Racing Office can be easily accessed from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection via a secure password protected web interface. No software needs to be installed, just enter your login details to the secure web interface provided. Racing Office performs the following functions:

  • Managing race entries
  • Advanced handicapping
  • Scheduling race-day activities
  • Publishing race results
  • Managing licensed parties
  • Integration with race club vets via the Ardex Mobile App

Please contact Ardex Technology for more detailed product information on Racing Office solutions avilable. We will always customise our Race Club solution for your organisation, and provide full product support and training, through the implementation period and beyond.



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